01. The [comments] he received after his presentation were highly favorable.
02. The Finance Minister declined to [comment] on the accusations.
03. The teacher was tired after writing [comments] on the report cards of over 100 children.
04. A police spokesman is refusing to [comment] on accusations of racism within the force.
05. I didn't appreciate Joseph's [comments] about my presentation during yesterday's meeting.
06. We have received a lot of favorable [comments] since you started working in the sales department.
07. One [comment] that was made about the art show was that the artists seemed to share a common theme in their works.
08. There is a Hebrew proverb which states, "Judge a man not by the words of his mother, but from the [comments] of his neighbors."
09. Theodore White once said that the most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing, and to watch someone else do it wrong without [comment].
10. The [comments] on my son's report card suggested that he could do much better in school if he made a bit more effort.
11. In Bhutan, during archery competitions, cheerleaders are allowed to distract the opposing team by shouting rude [comments].
12. The [commentary] by the sportscaster was quite negative towards the visiting team.
13. The DVD of the movie features a special [commentary] by the director and the film's stars.
14. The [commentators] were having difficulty maintaining a respectful tone between the two parties in the debate.
15. Television sports [commentaries] are often done by ex-athletes.
16. Your teacher [commented] on your excellent writing at our parent/teacher meeting tonight.
17. One political [commentator] suggested that the President may be simply trying to divert attention from the nation's economic difficulties.
18. [Commenting] on the case before it goes to court can only cause problems.
19. In the 1880s, French monks at Solesmes began to publish facsimile editions with [commentaries] of the sources of Gregorian chant.

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